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Find a Liquor Store in Daytona that has everything you need, We are the Closest Liquor Store near Daytona Attractions and Resorts on the beach.  Click Get Directions on your phone or desktop to find your favorite Wine and Liquor Store on beachside.

Liquor Store Near Daytona Beach

Liquor Store Daytona Beach

We have been Daytona's favorite Liquor Store for Local and Visiting Beach goers, Bikers, Spring Breaker's and Business Travelers on beachside Since 1983.


We are the closest liquor stores Daytona Beach has near the beach, we carry the Coldest Beer of all the Wine and Liquor Stores. If your on the way to the beach or making mixed drinks for a party, stop into The Hut and stock up your coolers with your types of liquor early any day of the week. We're on Beachside and convenient to Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach and Daytona Beach Shores. Open every day from 9am - 2am. 

Quality Liquor Store Since 1983

Premium Liquor

Liquor Store Open Late

Open  7 Days a Week 9am - 2am ​

We open early at 9am and stay open after midnight, Find a liquor store open late to make sure you have your beverages when you need them or when you have fun things to do during the day.  Visit our beachside location 7 Days a Week, liquor store open late from 9am until 2am.


Daytona Beach, FL.

We have the coldest beer on Beach-side. With a long list of Import, Domestic and Craft Beer we have all your Beer Drinking needs covered.

We are the nearest liquor store to Daytona Beach Resorts and Attractions on the Beach.  Just North of Seabreeze Blvd. on A1A, we are the best choice for Spring Break, Bike Week and all the things to do in Daytona Beach.

Closest Liquor Store to Daytona Beach Resorts

7 Days a Week

Our Vendors Love Us and they keep passing the savings on to you.  Weather your experimenting with a mixed drink recipes, having fun with friends or just stocking up the spirits in your liquor cabinet, The Liquor Discount Hut is your best choice for the best selection at the lowest price every day on beachside.

Daytona Beach Liquor Store 

Open 9am-2am

Wine is a simple pleasure in life and we wouldn't want you to miss out.  We carry many of your favorite wine and types of liquor for you to choose from along with all your favorite coolers.

Its easy to find a liquor store as we are the closest liquor store near Daytona Beach Resorts and attractions, Choose the perfect spirits for your mixed drink recipes. Unsure, just ask our expert staff and we'll make a recommendation for you.

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We think we're the Best Liquor Store Daytona has to offer but we're not alone. People who enjoy better selection and customer service agree that we're an above average compared to other wine and liquor stores.

We have many types of liquor but we also have the mixed drink recipes to make them great. If you want to make something new come see us and well get you everything you need to make your own cocktails.